Sweet parade

It's the 5th of January, Father Christmas has 'been', everybody has drank and eaten themselves stupid, New Years resolutions have been made and broken already and all the folks at home are getting ready to take down their decorations. Just when you think it's all over the fiesta crazy Spanish pull out all the stops and put on the mother of all street parties to celebrate the coming of 'The Kings'. Without doubt one of our favourite days in the Spanish calender -  and this year was no exception. The day started with our first sail of 2012. A lovely sunny day with light winds, it was the perfect opportunity to practice using our spinnaker pole to boom out the genoa. We really need to get used to using this for better downwind sailing, and with Richards' expert guidance we got to grips with it pretty quickly and were soon bowling along. Back on our berth we had just enough time to grab a late lunch before heading into town to see the arrival of 'The Kings'. It all starts at the town hall where the kings appear in the company of local dignitaries, lots of speeches, then an offering to the nativity scene, all to a chorus of songs from the local junior school choir. It's all a bit drawn out, but as the crowds gather the feeling of anticipation from the kids is palpable. Once all the officialdom is over, it's the bit they've all been waiting for. The 'Kings' get loaded onto floats and are paraded round the streets throwing sweets into the masses. Kids (and grown ups too) screaming and waving to get their attention – it's absolute mayhem. The poor kings must get arm ache with all that throwing, there are enough sweets to 'sink a ship'. The delight on the kids faces is fantastic, but not so pleasant when a huge shower of hard boiled sweets hits you on the head. 😀 The parade lasts for 4 hours, and culminates around 9.30pm in the Plaza Espana where a big stage is erected. The kings then come onto the stage and the party really starts. This time not just throwing sweets, but also gifts to the waiting crowd. It's all a bit crazy with kiddies shrieking, scrabbling around picking up sweets and adults 'jostling' to catch a prize. We were determined to bag a prize this year. With the boys capturing it all on film, it was left to me and Amanda to join the scrum, but we were no match for these 'pushy parents' who were jumping higher and higher, diving, and pushing to grab the booty for their little niño's & niña 's. Just because I'm from Yorkshire it doesn't mean I'm any good in a scrum, but I do know a retired rugby player back home who'll be reading this from the comfort of his armchair and thinking 'If I'd have been there I'd have got something'..... yes Dad you probably would 😉
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  1. Dave Snelson says:

    Hi Mel & Carl – well at least it isn’t snowing here yet but I don’t see much sailing happening, let alone sunshine. I must remember to follow wherever you go to because all of your pictures feature warm sunny-ness. We have just booked our first trip to Port Leucate but that is some time off yet, so the first event in our calender is the open season at the caravan on the first of March. I wonder what the club is doing…

    As always, safe sailing
    Dave (fed up of this weather) Snelson

  2. elizabeth and David says:

    Hi mel and carl great to catch up on your news looks fantastic new year celebrations and weather look awsome. we have decided we will definatly be visiting Rota it looks so lovely.I can’t wait to see the sun. xmas and new year was wonderful Rachel and Ross went to Scotland a week after their wedding but traveled back 12 hours ..on december 27th to join in the celebrations Of Sophie’s 21st birthday. We finished the year with a lovely new year party with friends and family and our next celebration is rachel’s 23rd birthday next week on the 25th. We are going out tonight for a meal and mum is joining us as well. david goes to the boat 18th march to get it ready for when i arrive on the 31st for a 2 week easter holiday. can’t wait to get back on the boat to relax and do some sailing. You both take care Happy sailing email you both again soon. xxx

  3. Stuart says:

    Hi Guys

    I sent some good news to you but not sure if I’m using a current e-mail address. let me know if there’s a better one.



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